Specialized Tools

Learn more about our exclusive line of products for chairside adjustments.
Acrylic/Nylon Polishing Kit

These diverse set of tools are made for removable restorations, ideal for adjusting and polishing acrylic material and partials. The kit contains a polishing paste, a roughing wheel, and two adjustment tools.


Price: $45 ($28 With Coupon)


Diamond Burs & Rotary Instruments

Manufactured in Europe, our swiss quality burs are uniquely formulated with the latest CAD equipment and measuring protocol for the most accurate tools for cutting, polishing and grinding. Made from high quality diamonds and stainless steel shanks, they are designed to last longer than most other brands. These line of tools are available in 4 sets:


  • Crown Preparation

  • Veneer Preparation

  • Gingivectomy

  • Cavity Preparation for Kids

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Diamond Duck Adjustment Kit

Long lasting, self-sharpening diamond discs are ideal for cutting and polishing all-ceramic restorations, especially Zirconia and E.max. These burs are uniquely formulated to cut faster and longer than other diamond instruments.


Price: $75 ($45 With Coupon)

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