+ What is your turn around time?

  • CAD/CAM Copings&Crowns: 1-2 Days
  • E.max Crowns(Finished): 5-7 Days
  • PFM's/Removables: 7-10 Days

+ How do I ship my cases?

Carefully wrap your models and dies, fill out the lab slip and pack them securely in a sealed box. To ship, call us and we will schedule, pick up and deliver your case via FedEx for only 7$ each way.

+ What are your forms of payment?

Prepayment, Visa MasterCard, American Express, C.O.D, and Monthly Billing 1 based on approved credit*

+ What is your return and remake policy?

Continental Dental Laboratories guarantees that each restoration will fit on your trimmed dies and models. If there is a problem pertaining to our laboratory work, CDL will in it's sole discretion, repair or replace the device within 60 days of delivery date. The remake warranty does not cover breakage from accident, neglect or misuse. CDL will not be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including inconvenience, lost wages, chairtime, pain and suffering. All restorations remain the property of CDL until the client's account is paid in full. All disputes shall be governed by California law with venue in Los Angeles County.