• 1200 MPa
  • Long-lasting durable restoration with proven track record
  • Precisely scanned for accurate margins
  • Patented subsctructure that comes with original file I.D
  • Highly biocompatible


  • Single units and bridges


  • Any permanent cement

Procera restorations are known for their strength and vitality. It can offer patients the beauty of a non-metallic with the peace of mind knowing it will last for years to come. It outperforms traditional fused to metal restorations and will not leave harsh gray metal margins. Nobel Procera all-ceramics have a 15 year proven track record with over 8 million restorations to date worldwide. With optimal thickness between (0.4mm and 0.6mm), it provides uniform support anywhere in the mouth and can effectively mask underlying tooth discoloration for optimal aesthetics. Available in 4 different colors that require no dipping for optimal homogeneity.