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Our lab has been supplying top-class restorations to dentists across the U.S for over 50 years.
One of our team members holding an impression of teeth and working with special lab tools

At Continental Dental Labs, the key to our success and customer satisfaction is “quality”. From our materials to our modern technology, we strive for excellence and consistency to produce outstanding dental restorations. We have a rich history of innovation and developing close relationships with our dentists. We continue this tradition by providing unparalleled customer care and helping you achieve the best restoration possible.

No matter your office size, we are able to provide the dental restorations you need, when you need them. We use the finest materials and offer an array of products so you can find the ideal choice for each situation.

We a proud to serve Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, and the entire U.S. and Canada. Enjoy accurate, precise, and reliable service with Continental Dental Laboratories.

One of our team members holding an impression of teeth and working with special lab tools

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A set of Porcelain Fused to Metal artificial teeth created at our dental lab
Porcelain Fused to Metal
A gold tooth created at Continental Dental Labs
Full Cast Restorations
Row of three zirconia teeth created by our dental lab team
Zirconia Restorations
A single tooth created using composite materials for a quality restoration
Radica bridge used as a temporary restoration
Full set of acrylic dentures with natural looking gums
Single metal dental implant with a space for the restoration on top

I have been in practice for over 32 years. All labs start out good and then after about a year, it’s like they let the kid in training do my work. That has not been the case with Continental. You have sustained top quality for years. Thank you so much.

Dr. James H. DMD (Alabama Dentist)

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