Re-defining placeholders for your teeth.
Radica temporary with five teeth in a white material


  • Beautiful, long-term temporaries

  • Outstanding strength, durability and wear resistance

  • Tissue friendly, monomer-free formulation

  • Ease of use in reline, repair and placement

  • Best in class aesthetics

Radica Temporaries

Radica temporaries boast over 165 MPa in flexural strength, which is 3x stronger than most acrylic provisionals. It is a biocompatible, monomer-free formulation, and the laboratory cure process promotes lower levels of sensitivity for patients. Radica’s clinical benefits are derived from its superior strength, durability, and wear resistance allowing you to tackle cases that need longer healing times, such as full mouth reconstruction, implant and periodontal cases with ease. It’s an excellent choice for case planning and will give patients an idea of what their permanent restorations will look like.

Indications: For crowns, inlays/onlays, veneers and bridges through the second bicuspid (1 Pontic)


Temporary cements: NoGenol (GC America), Temp Bond (Kerr) IRM, Integrity, TempGrip, Dentsply Caulk.

Relines:A variety of materials can be used including MMA Acrylics (Biolon Crown and Bridge Resin) and bis-GMA’s (Integrity temporary crown and bridge material)

I just want to tell you that my life has been changed because I now have teeth. I can eat, talk better, and am not ashamed to smile. I just want to thank you for what you did for me, I am grateful to have my new teeth.

Dennis B. (Michigan Patient)

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