Zirconia Restorations

Tooth-colored replacements for a natural finish.
Comparing Luxer bridges (on top) to traditional zirconia bridges (below) and the instrument used to measure the tooth shade

Unlike other traditional zirconia restorations, Luxer crowns will not discolor. Made from pre-shaded solid zirconia block, these restorations achieve beautiful, consistent color – they are not dipped or dyed. This alleviates any discoloration or “white” spots during chairside adjustments. It is easy to polish chairside without having to send it back to the laboratory.


  • Superior Strength > 1250 MPa

  • Consistent, beautiful color down to the core

  • 3 Shaded Solid Zirconia – Not Dipped or Dyed

  • Will not discolor even after occlusal adjustments

  • More aesthetic than traditional zirconia restorations

  • Easy to polish chairside

Indications: Single unit crowns and bridges, or custom fit to partials

Cementation: Traditional cementation

Three artificial teeth made of Zirconia on a black background with a slight reflection
CDL Full Zirconia

Our premium solid zirconia restorations are ideal for bruxers and grinders. This material is 100% digitally scanned and milled for optimal accuracy and aesthetics. Since it contains no porcelain overlay, these restorations are very strong and will not fail in the mouth.


  • Beautiful incisal and gingival shading down to the core

  • Not dipped or dyed, which allows for greater color consistency within the layers of the zirconia

  • Our strongest and most natural looking zirconia restoration

Indications: Single unit crowns and bridges (recommended for posterior restorations)

Three artificial teeth made of Zirconia on a black background with a slight reflection
Single Lava crown, which looks like a natural tooth
Lava™ Zirconia

At Continental Dental Labs, we specialize in Lava™ crowns and Lava™ bridges. We are an authorized 3M ESPE Lava™ Milling Center, which means each crown is barcoded for authenticity and is made from the finest zirconia available. Lava™ Zirconia restorations are an ideal alternative to porcelain fused to metal (PFM) restorations. The zirconium oxide achieves the beauty and translucency of natural teeth.

Over time, metal restorations can leave a dark metal margin where the gums recede. With Lava™ Zirconia, it produces strong, durable restorations and retains its original beauty for years. It is a much better alternative for those patients who have concerns about metal.


  • 1440 MPa

  • 5-year clinical study with 100% success rate

  • Patented substructure available in eight different shades

  • Requested 3x more than the leading brand

  • Comes with barcoded authenticity label

Indications: Single unit crowns and bridges

Cementation: For conventional cementation – Use a glass ionomer (I.e. Ketec Cem) or for self-adhesive cementation please use 3M RelyX Unicem.

Outstanding crown. Fit, design, and porcelain shade ideal. The patient was very pleased! Thank you.

Dr. Henry W. (Texas Dentist)

Equiva bridge with three artificial teeth in the row
Equiva Porcelain Layered to Zirconia

By popular demand, our doctors are asking for this restoration by name. It is our most prescribed layered zirconia restoration. Equiva has superior strength (>1100 MPa’s) combined with hand-layered porcelain for beautiful aesthetics. It outperforms leading brands and is the best value at $79 (with our coupon) for truly supreme aesthetics and functionality.


  • Ideal for anterior and posterior restorations

  • Flexural strength of over 1100 Mpa

  • Custom shades and shade blending available

  • No dark “metal” margins

Indications: Single unit crowns or full mouth cases

Four teeth in a row as part of a Procera bridge
Procera by Nobel Biocare™

Procera™ restorations (registered trademark of Nobel Biocare) are known for their strength and vitality. It can offer patients the beauty of a non-metallic with the peace of mind knowing it will last for years to come. It outperforms traditional fused to metal restorations and will not leave harsh gray metal margins.

Nobel Procera™ all-ceramics have a 15 year proven track record with over 8 million restorations to date worldwide. With optimal thickness between (0.4mm and 0.6mm), it provides uniform support anywhere in the mouth and can effectively mask underlying tooth discoloration for optimal aesthetics. Available in four different colors that require no dipping for optimal homogeneity.


  • 1200 MPa

  • Long-lasting durable restoration with proven track record

  • Precisely scanned for accurate margins

  • Patented substructure that comes with original file I.D.

  • Highly biocompatible

Indications: Single units and bridges

Cementation: Any permanent cement

Single e.max crown created at Continental Dental Labs
IPS e.max™

Our dental lab is proud to offer IPS e.max™ for doctors and dental labs nationwide. It is the perfect “one size fits all” restoration and can be prescribed anywhere in the mouth.

IPS e.max™ restorations (registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent) are the perfect solution for both anterior and posterior cases where function meets aesthetics. Made from lithium disilicate glass, it is highly translucent and boasts over 360 MPa in flexural strength. It is the strongest monolithic material to date and doesn’t chip or crack.


  • Easy prep and placement

  • Can be cemented or bonded

  • No chips, no cracks (360 MPa)

  • No dark margins

  • More translucent than zirconia

Indications: Inlays, onlays, crowns, and veneers

Cementation: Can be cemented or bonded

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